Nursing Requirements

Interested in Northern Nursing but not sure if you are ready?  Please see the skills and qualities we look for in candidates to join our talented team. 

Nursing Requirements

The experience required for working in the north is as follows;

Each Contract Nurse must meet one of the following criteria:

  • One (1) year experience, in the past five years, working in remote, isolated and/or semi isolated communities;
  • Two (2) years experience, in the past five years performing nursing activities and services in primary care and advanced clinical assessments. This experience maybe within the emergency, intensive care unit or within community settings such as health care centres (e.g. urgent care centres, quick care centres).


  • Class G (or equivalent) drivers license

In addition to working experience the following advance certifications are required prior to commencing work.

  • HCP Level CPR
  • ACLS
  • ITLS 
  • PALS