How to prepare for an adventure in the Great North

If you’re looking for a change and are interested in both personal and professional challenges, travel nursing may be the right option for you.

Bring good clothes with you.

  • Work clothes: comfortable, and work appropriate (scrubs, jeans, etc)
  • Indoor shoes for work
  • Rubber boots for spring/fall, winter boots for winter
  • Personal effects (toileries, pyjamas, etc)
  • Winter gear – coat, hat, gloves, scarf, snow pants (optional goggles)
  • Summer – Insect repellant
  • You may wish to bring your groceries, pre-prepared meals, or your favourite or ethnic foods with you.
water and rocks at the sunrise

Think about the activities you want to do.

Many communities organize activities like feasts, dances, powwows and intermural sports games for their community members, and you may even be invited to participate!  Many nurses have also discovered their creative sides through cooking, reading, sewing, or painting.  Your fellow nurses are very friendly, and it’s not unusual to have pot-luck dinners, movie nights or game nights with your colleagues.

Other things to consider

  • Keep a small amount of cash on hand in case you need to overnight unexpectedly, and there is no ATM or credit card access
  • Pack lighter weight items as it is easy to have excess weight with luggage (avoid /limit packing canned food, textbooks)
  • Keep essentials items, change of clothing and a meal in your carry on just in case luggage doesn’t arrive for a day or 2 and if need to overnight unexpectedly

It’s also time to develop your creative side!